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Callerton Online Kitchen Design Tutorial

With Callerton Dealers throughout the UK open again after lock-down due to Corona Virus / COVID-19 regulations -

visiting their kitchen studios is now possible but you may want to start the process of developing the design for your new dream kitchen in conjunction with our professional design-led specialists from home.

Hence we’ve created our ‘Online Kitchen Design Tutorial’ to demonstrate how best to engage with and utilise this service.

It may well be the deficiencies of your current kitchen have been brought to the fore via the necessity to self-isolate. Possibly you’ve already embarked on the design aspect of a new build project, extension, or reconfiguration of your house. Whatever: There’s never been a better time to get on with the planning of an amazing kitchen to satisfy all your dreams and aspirations.

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Total Reconfiguration of an Existing Space for the New Kitchen

Transforming a Guest-Bedroom & Adding a New Extension

Replacement Kitchen Utilising Existing Space

Kitchen for a New Build Development Property

Kitchen Design in a Totally Reconfigured Ground Floor Space

Kitchen, Living & Dining Created by Reconfiguring a Ground Floor Layout

Please embrace the challenge – designing a kitchen and seeing this through to fulfilment is an immensely satisfying thing to do. A further aspect in relation to great kitchen design is that successful projects can truly transform the way you live. This may appear trite, but as someone who has been involved in the industry for over 40 years, I can vouch for this.

Enjoy the journey.


James Herriot (Chairman)