Door Styles

Contemporary Doors

A modern, innovative range that is designed to make lay-on and handle-less kitchens standout. These slab doors range from grained MFC through Super Matt and Hi-gloss doors and on to Veneered options in oak, ash, stained, walnut, grain and flat painted.


With a wide range of door styles available Callerton offer options that encompass modern slab doors through to traditional five piece traditional doors. For full details please speak to your local retailer as they will be able to take you through the full offering.

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Traditional Doors

Five piece and other traditional doors have been compiled to offer a wide range of styles and finishes that have availability predominantly in lay-on but also handle-less designs.


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Handle-less Design

Choose a handle-less kitchen for sleek, efficient operation, teamed with eloquence and style. A contemporary hi-tech design solution which unifies the vital components of aesthetics and function.

Classic Contemporary

Combining classic and contemporary elements creates kitchens that are timeless. Quality traditional features mixed with Shaker elements can be infused with stainless steel and glass to ensure a design that withstands the test of time.

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