RK-TEC 2020 – An Opportunity

RK-Tec came into being due to the Financial Crash of 2008 and the Economic Recession that followed. COVID-19 is a totally new business experience for each and every one of us. Hence RK-Tec’s offer (opportunity) to demonstrate why those in the market for a kitchen - should engage the services of a Design-led Kitchen Specialist.



Kitchen Studio

Show Village


Training Suite

Passivhaus Alternative Design

Regards the ‘Show Village’ and asking for assistance in generating new CAD concepts to populate a re-engineered RK-Tec website. We have our 1st example being an alternative design for the ‘Passivhaus’ this from a designer who is self-isolating due to health issues – a massive thank you



Live Projects & Process

An important area that will be incorporated within RK-Tec’s newly re-engineered website aims to showcase a wide range of diverse kitchen projects from throughout the UK. The aspiration is to flaunt the skill, ability and talent of RK-Tec Designers, as well as highlighting the process involved.

Early in the Pandemic Callerton added two new aspects to their website ‘Online Design Tutorial’ and ‘Current Projects’. This being at the height of Lockdown and Kitchen Studios closed to the public by Government decree. I’m delighted to report things have moved on and the vast majority of Callerton Dealerships are now open for business or been given the green light to do so by the end of June.


It’s important to remember clients may still be self-isolating or reluctant to visit your premises. Others we now know are more than happy to call into your showrooms to progress their projects. The point being: - Business pre-pandemic is unlikely to resume without alteration and amendments.


As discussed in the earlier section ’Virtual Kitchen Studio’ the chances are engaging with clients both ‘Remote & Online’, as well as ‘In-Studio’, or an amalgamation of the 2 is likely to be the way forward. The point was also made: - Ensuring clients are comfortable and confident in progressing their kitchen projects is critical to the future wellbeing of all ‘Design-led Kitchen Specialists’.


Hence the reason we’re working on a diverse range of kitchen projects encompassing ‘Remote & Online’, ‘In-Studio’ or an amalgamation of the 2. The new web format aims to inform regards best practise and demonstrate how clients can engage with you reference their kitchen project.


We’re currently working on a new format to highlight amazing live projects on the new RK-Tec website and utilise these to demonstrate the process in achieving a successful outcome. This will be available prior to RK-Tec’s involvement in Homebuilding & Renovating’s ‘Virtual Show’ in July.


If you have an amazing project on the drawing board do please tells us about it.