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This makes for a fascinating online design case-study. The clients in lockdown and working from home –

a young couple with a toddler. They commissioned the build of their one and half storey Caxton bungalow from Potton Homes a few years back, at the time their budget for the kitchen was severely restricted,

hence the reason for embarking

on a total revamp and upgrade.


A potential issue established via an early conference call and supplying individual ‘Design Criteria’ documents related to: - One’s aspiration for an Industrial look, the other for Hi-Tec /Contemporary. Worthwhile intelligence for the designer - being the consummate diplomat is just part of the job.

Design Criteria Questionnaire

This particular project was made extremely easy to handle remotely - due to the client’s having Potton’s original ‘Architectural Plans’ available. This enabled the clients to use the original ‘Floor Plan’ to confirm the actual/precise on-site measurements. The designer marking-up a ‘Plan & Elevations’ for the clients as to which extra measurements and details are required A, B, C, etc – greatly assists in establishing these.

DC3949-052 edit2.jpg

Normally the designer requires pictures of the room they’re designing the kitchen for. In this particular case the clients wanted total blue-sky thinking and hence refused to provide these. A ‘Picture’ of the outside of a similar property was made available, being the Caxton at Potton’s amazing show village in St Neots – but this was not to influence the kitchen design.

A further unusual aspect to this project related to the clients diverse thoughts as to the direction the kitchen design and style should take. For this reason they commissioned their kitchen design specialist to produce 2 totally contrary designs - from which their intention was to compromise and finalise a design acceptable to them both. A not totally uncommon issue designer’s encounter.



As you can see from the CAD imagery of the 2 design concepts, these being total contrasts – one incorporating an ‘Industrial’ look and the other ‘Hi-Tec Contemporary’. The compromise design is currently unfolding via video conferencing and involves aspects from both designs.