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Total Reconfiguration of an Existing Space for a New Kitchen

This particular client lives alone, but remains gainfully employed, despite the current COVID-19 crisis - delivering food direct to elderly clients who in more normal circumstances would frequent the farm shop where she works as a barista.

Perspective drawing-1.jpg
Client C - Design Criteria Document.jpg

This project commenced prior to lockdown - but only in relation to the ‘Site Measurements’ and ‘Photography’ having been completed. In addition the ‘Design Criteria Document’ to identify all the client’s various aims, aspirations and ambitions for her new kitchen had been explained - but not as yet completed. This was emailed through ASAP - as the client was keen to keep things moving.

This is an excellent example of how remote, on-line design can be carried out.


As you can establish from the ‘Photography’ and ‘Site Measurements’ this is not the easiest of projects.

The client finds her kitchen is extremely inefficient and as someone who loves to cook it simply doesn’t function well enough. A couple of other important issues to be addressed – the kitchen is cold and draughty, and as a barista, a coffee machine is a high priority.

The designer in this particular case has completely turned things around and is proposing that the kitchen is opened-up into the living dining area. The suggestion is to put patio doors in the central section, and a conventional window replacing the current back door. Creating a utility in the garage resolves where laundry and extra storage can be established – plus the issue of draughts is resolved.


I think it best to let you see the ‘CAD Imagery’ which demonstrates a complete transformation from a bland inefficient kitchen, to one that will be contemporary and highly functional. Being able to video conference between client and designer has enabled this project to proceed to order stage.