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a Ground Floor Layout

The clients for this particular project are doctors on the frontline with our amazing NHS - with 2 teenage children. Thoughts for a reconfiguration of the ground floor layout of their house commenced prior to the current crisis and has been a good project to take their minds off all that’s involved in their day to day jobs.


Remote, on-line design and video conferencing proving ideal to progress their kitchen aspirations.

The availability of ‘Architect’s Drawings’ from an earlier project made life easier to establish the existing layout – scaled drawings are a major asset to designers when working remotely. In addition the supply of ‘Photographs’ of the existing layout are a further useful tool - enabling the designer to better understand the current set-up and develop the various opportunities and potential.

From these the designer was able to provide a suggestion of removing the wall between the existing kitchen and dining room to provide a much expanded footprint. This would also introduce light from both North and South of the property. The designer generated a ‘Flat Plan & Elevations’ of the proposed ground floor layout enabling the clients to check and supply various onsite dimensions.

Having had a Callerton kitchen in a previous property - the clients had a number of specifics within their ‘Design Criteria Document’. The most prevalent being that it was to incorporate Callerton’s signature Grand Deco feature – it was also to be more contemporary than the earlier model. From Callerton’s brochure they were attracted towards a crossover/hybrid look. Form and function were also high on their agenda and deemed a priority as identified in their design criteria document.

Design Criteria Questionnaire

As you can deduce from the ‘CAD Imagery’ of the proposed kitchen design – it’s a total and utter contrast in both layout and style to their current kitchen. Framed by Callerton’s Grand Deco curved features are 2 tall housings incorporating the ovens and refrigeration with the wet area between. The island straddles 2 ends of the room with living at one end and dining incorporated in the other.

Deco Curves

The doctors loved the design and have move on to the next stage having engaged an architect to apply for planning permission and building regulations – as they’ve now made the decision to also add a small sunroom extension to the southerly elevation of their house.