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Plot 3 at Walkington (East Yorkshire) for Willow Developments is 1 of 3 prestigious new build houses they are constructing on the site. COVID-19 regulations having slowed things down a bit. But plot 3 an imposing 3 bedroom house was ready for its kitchen, hence the design having to be generated remotely, due to lockdown. This being an excellent example of how such projects can proceed.


New build is one of the easier types of kitchen project to handle remotely due to availability of architects scaled drawings and detail - these being made available to the designer. As experts in their field Willow Developments had a fairly specific and informed kitchen brief - as demonstrated by their design criteria document.

This was generated by the designer in consultation with the client via a conference call. Two emphatic stipulations were made: - The kitchen must appeal to a wide audience and ensure the sale of the house, and in style it was to be shaker painted, but with a contemporary twist. Over and above: - Form and function, user friendly, great for cooking and entertaining, living and dining – very simply it had to tick all the boxes of potential buyers for their house.

Design Criteria Questionnaire

The architect’s drawings involved a kitchen incorporating a peninsular. The designer was keen to explore the possibility of an island and utilise this to link all 3 areas (kitchen, living & dining) together and enable an enhanced flow to the kitchen and ground floor layout. Willow Developments were open to all options - whatever worked best to sell their house.


The CAD imagery is of an extremely high standard, as in this particular instance they encompass a dual role: - The 1st relates to ensuring the kitchen layout, design and style met Willow Developments exceptionally high standards. The 2nd being that prior to installation of the kitchen any prospective client could fully comprehend and engage with the design, layout and content.

Frame Effect

The project has now gone to order stage without the designer ever setting foot in the property. The final site survey and dimension checks having been carried out by Willow Developments. The project aptly demonstrates working remotely and online via video conferencing does work.