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Kitchen Design in a Totally Reconfigured Ground Floor Space

This particular kitchen project was completed in late 2018 – long before anyone had heard of Corona Virus or COVID-19. But it’s an excellent example of dealing with a kitchen project remotely and online. Work had taken this dynamic young couple to New York for 2 years – but they were intent on the renovation of their extremely compact London home prior to their return to the UK.


The clients had the original floor plans from when they 1st purchased the house – dispatched via email to the designer, from New York. The value of providing photos (no matter how basic) is aptly demonstrated by this project. On drawing up the floor plan and looking at the photos - the designer realised both the dimensions and layout didn’t correspond to the floor plan supplied by the clients.

Hence the clients asked a friend to visit their London house and check the measurements. As can be seen the space although small, is larger than the estate agents dimensions. From this the designer was able to establish the actual layout and dimensions, and create a new accurate floor plan.

Design Criteria Questionnaire

Compact, bijou in the sense of small, but certainly not elegant is what confronted the designer. The client’s design criteria was extremely limited other than the kitchen was to be at the heart of their home, and was it possible to transform the property to open plan New York loft living? It also had to function regards cooking and entertaining – also to incorporate an electric piano and wine fridge.

There is much more to this story which is detailed in last year’s Kitchen Inspiration magazine (available via our website). To precis this: The designers proposal was to open up the ground floor, and make the back yard appear part of the kitchen via patio doors and a long fixed light window.


The CAD drawings demonstrate the complete transformation of a diminutive space that looks so much bigger than it really is. The kitchen possesses all mod cons and is highly functional – a dining table is included and can be pulled out for 6, a breakfast bar, 2 wine fridges, ample workspace and storage. The kitchen is a great example of what can be achieved in a severely restricted space.


In this particular instance we can show off the finished article as the project was completed in late 2018. A perfect example of a project designed remotely from many thousands of miles away.