Paint & Stains


Explore our wide variety of paint colours available from the Callerton range. These can be applied to grain or flat finished doors, panels and features. 


We have worked to give true representations of each tone but please use physical samples, available from your retailer, to make final decisions on your kitchen colour. 


North Grey


Lark White










Pigeon Grey


Goose Grey


Stone Grey




Gransden Grey


Old English White


Hidden Green


Inky Green




Sea Kelp


Dark Sky


Dried Lawn


Drift Blue


Galaxy Blue


Nautilus Blue


Wilkins Grey


Midnight Grey


Pure White


Special Paint Colours

Beyond the Callerton range we offer a paint matching service enabling you to be creative and select any tone imaginable for your kitchen.

Stains & Walnut

Timber offers a great variety of finishes, from natural True Oak to the deeper and darker tones that stains and Walnut create.




Mocca Stained Oak

True Oak.jpg


True Oak

Dark Grey.jpg

Dark Grey Stained Oak

Black Ash.jpg


Black Ash Stained



Mink Stained Oak

Blue Grey.jpg


Blue Grey Stained Oak

Americano Oak.jpg


Americano Oak

Walnut 5.jpg


Walnut 5% Sheen

Walnut 40.jpg


Walnut 40% Sheen

Hand Crafted

No one lives exactly like you, hence your kitchen should be unique. Our kitchens

are designed by professionals who will interpret your individual aspirations prior to the furniture being lovingly made in our factory in the North East of England.

Complementary Finishes

No two kitchens are alike. Differentiating colours and materials allows your kitchen to stand out and make a statement. 
The permutations of timbers and man-made materials, plus the ability to mix and match offers limitless opportunities.

Think Different

Callerton Signature Pieces such as pedestals, wings, table arrangements and open cabinetry add both craftsmanship and function to your kitchen. Make these your own with subtle alterations to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Design is in the Detail

Internal management is the key to any functional kitchen, helping it to work harder and more efficiently.


With the combination of Legrabox drawers and Ambia-Line internals your kitchen will not only look but perform beautifully.

To find out more click the image below:


Centre Islands can be bold and brash,

or sophisticated and sleek. But whether curvaceous, linear, or a combination of

the two, they are guaranteed to make an impact and impress.

Timber and Finishes

Whether solid, veneered, stained or painted, timber adopts a life and character of its own which gives each piece of furniture its own story. The unique texture of wood can be further transformed by the injection of a colour of your choice.

Crossover and Hybrid Kitchens

Crossover and hybrid kitchens appeal to different aspects of your personality by combining furniture from both the contemporary and traditional design spectrums. Handle-less and shaker styles unite to create an exciting alternative look.

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