To All Our Masonhouse Colleagues

The ‘Pie-Chart’, the ‘Quality & Service Meeting’ and ‘Right 1st Time’ all play their own important part in ensuring Masonhouse Manufacturing can be the ‘Professional, Progressive, Sustainable & Resilient’ company as set out in our ‘Business Plan & Strategy’.

The roll-out of the vaccine and easing of COVID-19 restrictions are enabling us to take cautious steps forward regards resuming some semblance of normality in relation to work. Hopefully our Country is heading in the right direction.

This week’s ‘Audio Visual Briefing’ aims to highlight just how reliant each and every area of the business is on one another. Also to point out the benefits of ‘Identifying & Recognising Issues or Problems’ and putting solutions in place to ensure there is no reoccurrence. A new weekly ‘Quality & Service Meeting’ will play an important part in this initiative.

We welcome and encourage your involvement and participation.


The Masonhouse Management Team