‘SMART’ Communication

Further to a recent Masonhouse Directors meeting: -

The decision was made to pass on a message to the whole M/H Management Team (Directors, & Managers) and all our work colleagues to emphasise the importance of ‘Team & Teamwork’ – as well as ‘Effective Communication’ to ensure our company can thrive despite the current difficult circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic.


We find ourselves in totally unprecedented times, not only for Masonhouse Manufacturing, but the population as a whole – and as per countless other businesses we’re in a challenge the likes of which we’ve never encountered. We the Directors are in no doubt M/H is in a position to succeed. But recognise working together as one ‘Team’ – is vital to ensuring we achieve our goals.


As M/H’s Management Team it’s our combined role and responsibility to motivate, not only one another, but every single member of our staff. We’re only as strong as our weakest link is an oft used M/H phrase – we must all fully engage with this message.


We recognise the current work situation is stressful and highly charged for the whole Management Team, as well as all our colleagues, and is likely to remain so for some considerable time. Every single one of us without exception, requires to think long and hard, and to take into account the effects our actions, words and deeds have on others: - 


Will they achieve the necessary positive result required for our company to succeed?

The M/H ‘SMART’ document has never been more relevant and important in relation to the above. This involves all types of communication whether: - Face to face verbal, telephone, email, text, group meetings, video call or conference – all must ensure they achieve the required result for M/H.


At a highly charged and stressful time: - Throwaway lines, unsubstantiated comments, divisive actions, ill thought through emails and texts, badly conducted video calls and meetings – can all add to this and affect the cohesiveness and positive results that are so important to ensure the future wellbeing and success of M/H and that of all our work colleagues.


Positive and effective communication is the key to our future.

The Directors understand all members of the ‘Team’ whether Director or Manager, as well as all our M/H colleagues: – That each individual’s workload may well be stressful and highly charged at times. Hence the reason to ensure we take others workloads into account when engaging with them.


We’re in uncharted waters and have to find new ways to adapt and conduct our business – this being something all the M/H Management Team (Directors & Managers) and our colleagues must take on board. The status quo is not going to resume for the foreseeable future – if ever.


The Importance of ‘Team & Teamwork’ and working together as one and embracing a ‘Positive Attitude’ – has never required to be as high on our agenda as now. 


Solutionwhat is the desired outcome? Will this provide a solution and achieve the necessary result? 

Mutually beneficial – is this communication beneficial to both parties? Is this the best method of communication for both parties?

Accurate – is the information in the communication accurate? Is it being directed to the correct person?

Repercussion – how will this communication be received? Is it likely to be misconstrued or misunderstood?

Timely – is the communication within a reasonable timescale? Is it better to wait until you’re in a better or clearer frame of mind to send it? Is the timing wrong re other issues?

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