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About Us

40 years of success in the design and manufacture of exclusive British kitchen and lifestyle furniture, places Callerton at the forefront of style, innovation and choice. During this time, designs and aspirations for new kitchens have evolved dramatically.

Today's kitchen is as much about design flair, as form and function, making a statement and practicality going hand in hand and being the prerequisite for the discerning client.


Our kitchens embody the cutting edge in aesthetics and practicality. They are built around a diverse selection of innovative design concepts, ranging from traditional Origins and Legacy to timeless Boutique and Elemental and on to the ultra-contemporary Lifestyle and Vision.

Vary these concepts with a virtually endless range of doors, features, materials, styles, species and finishes, and the Callerton client is able to enjoy the luxury of almost infinite choice in ultimate style.

Our History



"Insights to Kitchen Design" explores twenty seminal projects from Callerton, the company James co-founded with Gordon some forty-plus years ago. The book offers a unique retrospective and forward-looking angle on kitchen design. Raiding the Callerton archive, each case study is reimagined with two alternative interpretations, highlighting the limitless possibilities within the same spatial confines. James's narrative extends beyond traditional design, incorporating insights from industry leaders and showcasing the collaborative essence of creating spaces that resonate with both functionality and aesthetic appeal.



This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Callerton, a milestone that highlights our continued commitment to innovative product development. At the heart of our success are our core family values, which emphasise exceptional service, support, and reliability for both our retail and trade partners. Our team, a blend of experienced and dedicated professionals, is the driving force behind our customer-first approach. This ethos not only defines us but also ensures we consistently deliver excellence in all we do.

Early 20's


Callerton continues to strive towards ambitious quality, service, and growth targets. This is aided by the redevelopment and expansion of their Sunderland manufacturing base.

Callerotn Factory 2022

Late 10's

Training Suite

Callerton strongly believe in the power of training and the benefit of resolving issues in advance. To drive this significant resource was committed by Callerton and the RK-Tec partners to provide a suitable training space at Callerton's manufacturing base.

Callerton Training Suite

Late 10's

35th Aniversary

Working in partnership with independent design-led kitchen specialist retailers is at the heart of our operation. Their skills and knowledge in design, specification, and project management are unparalleled. Many of Callerton's retail partners received outstanding long service awards at this event.

Callerton Retailer Awards - Long Service Award - Over 20 Years as a Callerton Retailer.jpg

Late 10's

Succession & Sustainability

Over the last 10 years, Callerton has implemented a forward-thinking succession and sustainability plan that future-proofs the business. James and Gordon have always viewed it as a privilege to be involved in a company that positively influences clients’ lives.

Callerton Brochure

Mid 10's

Potton Self Build Show Centre

Callerton develops a relationship with Potton and add working kitchens to four of the show homes at the Self Build Show Centre in St. Neots.

Potton Show Centre

Mid 10's


Callerton joined RK-Tec, a prestigious group of manufacturers from the kitchen industry, with a joint philosophy to promote the vital ingredients required of all successful kitchen projects: - Great Design, Great Products, & Great Project Management.

RK-Tec Logo

Mid 00's

Dawn Short - Callerton CEO

Dawn joined Callerton as Financial Director in the early 2000’s and is now our esteemed CEO. The intervening years have brought about major changes and strengthening of our Management Team in relation to all areas of the business - Pre-Production, Production, Central Operations and Logistics.

Dawn Short Callerotn CEO

Mid 00's

Winner Design

Always adventurous Callerton were early adopters of CAD (Computer Aided Design) recognising the power of presentation. Callerton’s furniture range is supported by Winner Design. This is Callerton's default design, specification, coding, costing and presentation software - a successful partnership going back over 18 years.

Callerton Winner Design
Winner Design Logo

Early 00's

Factory in Sunderland

Callerton flourished in the 90’s - which allowed for the purchase of the current Sunderland factory in 2000, and building a strong position enabled the business to weather the recession of 2008/9.

Callerton Brochure Old



Partnerships have been critical to Callerton’s development and working closely with world-leading suppliers such as EGGER, Kesseböhmer, and Blum has driven product development. Pilot Partner status ensures Callerton has the latest developments ahead of many other suppliers.

Kesseboehmer Logo
Blum Logo

Late 80's / Early 90's


Moving factory 3 times in 6 years of expansion and growth, led to the decision to split the retail aspect of the business from production, and concentrate on developing the kitchen furniture manufacturing operation via growing the business, to encompass a ‘National Dealer Network & Platform’ of likeminded independent design led kitchen specialists retailers.

Callerton Brochure Older

Late 80's


Callerton recognised at an early stage: - That the kitchen industry was firmly allied to fashion and trends. In relation to this we developed innovative paint and lacquering techniques, as well as introducing feature and signature furniture pieces, to make our kitchens stand out from the crowd.

Callerton Brochure Even Older

Late 80's

Taking Every Opportunity

The Callerton team tried their hand at a prestigious business competition, the “BBC Make it in Business Awards”, which they won on prime time TV.

BBC Make It In Business

Early 80's


An early lesson related to the importance of ‘Team & Teamwork’ and the combination of skills required to ensure the finished product exceeded the expectations of our clients. The influence and importance of design, engineering and installation, as well as computerisation, systems, procedures and accounting combined to generate a solid, design-led, practical product and most important - fitter friendly.

Callerton Early Years

Early 80's

The Birth of Callerton

Working with a tool maker/engineer when setting up the initial production facility, James and Gordon were heavily influenced by the practicalities of design, installation, as well as quality and service.

Birth of Callerton

Early 80's

The Early Years

Good friends, James and Gordon turn their passion for property development in Newcastle towards kitchen design. Young and ambitious, or some would say stupid and naïve, they took the decision to manufacture their own brand of kitchen furniture.

Callerton Begins

Why Choose Callerton

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