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The Vision Concept provides a modern feel combined with the depth and warmth provided by wood grains, giving your space a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic.

Slab doors with Cubic and Geo-metric features bring a clear design vision. Add contrasting finishes and lighting detail to bring depth and appeal to your stylish new kitchen.

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Chelsea Trio & Monza Doors
Cubic Features
Pure Oak & Matt Light Grey

Vision Ingredients - 
Cut Panels with Black Grooves

Media Area & Integrated Table

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Valencia & Abstract Expressions Doors
Cubic Features
Gloss White & Pewter Halifax Oak

Vision Ingredients - 
Floating Appliance Bank with Cubic Framing

Integrated Dining Table

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Abstract Expressions & Monza Doors
Cubic Features
Tobacco Halifax Oak & Matt Light Grey

Vision Ingredients - 
Black Handle-less Profile

Bar Area with Seating

Valencia & Chelsea Doors
Geo-metric & Cubic Features
Gloss White & Dark Grey Stained Oak

Vision Ingredients - 
Mini Floating Appliance Bank

Integrated Seating at Various Heights

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