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The Boutique Concept specialises in contradictions to bring its own unique style. This mix of vibrant and subtle finishes combines curves with linear sections to create a fun and timeless space.

Shaker and slab doors combine with Grande Deco features and other curved elements. Open shelves and illuminated glazed cabinetry adds light and depth to the kitchen. Handleless sections hint at the modern while incorporating a chimney breast gives the design a comforting traditional feel.

Kingston 70 Doors
Grande Deco Features
Custom Grain Paint Finish

Boutique Ingredients - 

Fluted Glass

Walk-in Pantry

Balham 70 Doors
Grande Deco & Frame Effect Features
Porcelain & Wilkins Grey Smooth Paint Finish

Boutique Ingredients - 

Exentuated Open Shelving

Bi-fold Appliance Garage with Integrated Microwave

Chelsea Trio & Monza Doors
Grande Deco Features
Mocca Stained Oak & Matt Fjord

Boutique Ingredients - 

Grande Deco Triple Panel Cornice with Mirror Insert

Glazed Open Cabinets with Lighting

Chelsea Trio, Berkley, & Monza Doors
Deco & Grande Deco Features
Americano Oak Stain, Matt Frost White, & Custom Grain Paint Finish

Boutique Ingredients - 

Integrated Curved Bench Seating

Brass Finish Included in Plinth, Handle-less Profile, Cornice, & Handles