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The Lifestyle Concept offers a sophisticated contemporary appeal. Dark finishes and beautiful detail combine with a minimalist design 
to give an elegant composition.

Slab doors and Cubic or Geo-metric features give a modern feel. Make this yours with stylish highlights, a choice of handleless profiles, and contemporary lighting solutions.

Monza Doors
Cubic Features
Matt Graphite & Mocca Stained Oak

Lifestyle Ingredients - 
Mocca Stained Oak Highlight

Copper Handle-less Profiles

Chelsea Doors
Geo-metric Features
Custom Smooth Paint Finish

Lifestyle Ingredients -
Handle-less Venting Hob Cabinet to Hide Extraction

Aluminium Handle-less Profile & Plinth

Chelsea Doors
Cubic Features
Custom Grain Painted

Lifestyle Ingredients -
Minimalist Island Seating

Aluminium Highlights in Handle-less Profile, Tambour Unit, & Appliances

Valencia Doors
Cubic Features
Black Gloss

Lifestyle Ingredients -
Ultra Social Island Design

Architectural Elements

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