To All Masonhouse Colleagues

The last 3 years have seen major investment in computer hardware, software, consultancy and human resource (Much blood, sweat & tears) in relation to advancing Masonhouse Manufacturing’s ambitions and abilities to ensure we are the ‘Professional, Progressive, Sustainable & Resilient’ organisation as per our ‘Business Plan & Strategy’.

To ensure we achieve our goal regards being a ‘Professional, Progressive, Sustainable & Resilient’ organisation relies heavily on efficient and effective ‘Procedures, Process, Systems & Data’. The importance all must place on this area of our business - should not be underestimated. Everyone in the Masonhouse Team has their part to play in ensuring they follow ‘Procedures, Process & Systems’ – to the benefit of all our organisation.

We the Directors believe it’s important to recognise not only the efforts and input of one individual in driving this particular initiative – but also his personal achievement in making radical and vital advances in this area. It is for that reason that Andrew Short was recently promoted to ‘Director of Operations, Systems & IT’ - this is well deserved.

This task cannot be achieved by a single individual: Andrew requires the input and backing of all the Masonhouse Team to ensure we drive this initiative onwards and achieve the many benefits and goals that can come from this.

So please engage with the message in this week’s ‘Audio Visual Briefing’: –

The Importance of ‘Procedures, Process, Systems & Data’


The Masonhouse Directors