To All Our Masonhouse Colleagues

The critical nature associated with generating the necessary ‘Volume of Sales’ to sustain Masonhouse Manufacturing on an ongoing basis - is a topic we’ve raised on many occasion.

Hence the decision to highlight the function ‘Networking, Events & Interaction’ play in ensuring we continue to bring in those all-important kitchen and bedroom orders. We all have our own individual roles to play to ensure the ongoing success for our company. ‘Team & Teamwork’ playing an important part in this. Our intention is demonstrate aspects of ‘Networking, Events & Interaction’ and what they bring to the party.

The ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’ has played havoc as to how we go about addressing this particular area of our business. Over this last twelve months we’ve had to continually adapt and change to work within Lockdown and Government restrictions. This week’s ‘Audio Visual Briefing’ aims to shine a light on our efforts and ambitions for the year ahead.

Effective ‘Communication’ with our Dealers (customers), Suppliers and Service Providers must never be underestimated – the same is true in relation to engaging effectively with all our Masonhouse Manufacturing Colleagues. Our aim is to bring an insight to aspects of our plans in relation to ‘Networking, Events & Interaction’.


The Masonhouse Management Team