To All Our Masonhouse Colleagues

The Masonhouse Manufacturing ‘Pie-Chart’ illustrates andemphasises how important and reliant we are on one another - ‘Team & Teamwork’ being crucial to our ongoing success. We constantly discuss the point: -

It doesn’t matter where an issue arises, inevitably this will impact other areas of the business, and is highly likely to involve colleagues from various departments within the company - to find a solution and rectify. ‘Right 1st Time’ benefits everyone throughout the organisation, as well as our ‘Customers’ - without whom we cease to exist.

This week we’re ‘Recognising, Valuing, Engaging & Respecting’ the roll ‘Procurement’ plays in enabling other areas of the business to function efficiently and effectively. As per all other aspects of Masonhouse Manufacturing ‘Proficient & Timely Procurement’ plays a critical role in the ongoing success of our organisation. It’s worth reminding our fellow colleagues: - Increased efficiency and effectiveness of this and all other areas of Masonhouse translates into increased remuneration and reward via the generation of quarterly bonuses.

Understanding and Valuing’ the roles our fellow colleagues play within Masonhouse is important.


The Masonhouse Management Team