To All Our Masonhouse Colleagues

‘Recognising, Valuing, Engaging & Respecting’ the roles all our fellow Masonhouse Manufacturing colleagues fulfil within the business is an important aspect of supporting one another in the roles each one of us has to play.

This week we’re highlighting the area and importance of the ‘Sales Processing Department’ and how this involves so much more than just the ‘Processing of Orders’. Also the input they have into so many other areas of the business.

Understanding the skill and ability to fulfil all the myriad of roles and functions required to ensure Masonhouse Manufacturing remains a ‘Professional, Progressive, Sustainable & Resilient’ operation – is a key element in the ongoing success of our business.

The importance of the Masonhouse ‘Team’ working together as one hinges on ‘Recognising, Valuing, Engaging & Respecting’ the input of all our fellow colleagues. Everyone has their own vital contribution to make - as we’ve highlighted in the past ‘Being a Superstar without a Team’ inevitably leads to losing the game.

The other important message in this week’s briefingrelates to embracing ‘Change’ – and how this benefits all involved in Masonhouse Manufacturing.


The Masonhouse Management Team