Caxton - Crossover Hybrid

Deco inspired crossover/hybrid kitchen design.

The introduction of soft Deco curves, opposing depths of furniture, differing heights of wall cabinets, as well as contrasting matt and veneer stained furniture, totally transforms the look. The amalgamation of handle-less and handled furniture, the introduction of the

elegant curved and glazed pillar-box cabinetry, amongst a wide variety of other details, highlights the kitchen’s hybrid nature.

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Of the five houses at Potton’s Show Centre and Self Build Academy, only one doesn’t as yet incorporate an RK-Tec inspired kitchen – the Caxton. This traditional heritage style, one and a half storey house incorporating Potton’s signature post and beam method of construction, is crying out for a makeover of the existing dated kitchen.

There is no scope for structural alterations to the property. So to all intents and purposes, Potton’s brief was to explore replacing the kitchen. However, even when constrained by

an existing predefined space, there is still ample opportunity for breadth and diversity

of design.