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To All Masonhouse Colleagues

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced us into developing new ways of interacting and communicating with you regards explaining our ‘Plans & Strategy’ for the coming financial year (1st April 2021). This ‘Joint Statement’ from Masonhouse’s ‘Management Team’ aims to demonstrate our intention and how the initiative will work.

March 2020 and the imposition of a Global Pandemic, we won’t lie, has been one hell of a ‘Challenge’ for everyone. But it’s important to realise we’re one of the luckier ones and in a better position than many to drive the company onwards – even with all the legislation, regulations and issues heaped upon us. We’re positive about our future.

To ensure this we intend to communicate via a series of ‘Audio Visual Briefings’ as to our plans and ambitions for

the year ahead. By splitting things into bite sized elements our aim is to engage directly with you and all our fellow Masonhouse Colleagues. We welcome feedback and involvement from those interested in so doing.

Our 1st ‘Audio Visual Briefing’ relates to clarification of the ‘Management Teams Responsibilities’ and who’s involved in driving the various ‘Action Plans’. Further to this, our intention is to re-examine and update everyone’s ‘Job Role & Description’ throughout the whole company. Feedback and interaction from you helps ensure we’re better able to understand your personal aims and ambitions in relation to your ongoing involvement in Masonhouse.

So please step forward and engage with us regards your thoughts and ideas.

Thank You -

Masonhouse’s Management Team


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