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To All Masonhouse Colleagues

Masonhouse Manufacturing make it possible for clients to turn their ‘Dream’ of a new kitchen to ‘Reality’. Our remit relates to manufacturing the furniture element of a kitchen project for Callerton Dealers. But we play a big part in enabling the process by creating exciting and innovative products that come together to fulfil the expectations of those vitally important end clients.

You may well work within: - Goods-In, Door Drilling, Machine Shop, Specials Shop, Polishing Shop, Assembly Shop, Packaging Deck, Distribution & Logistics, Processing, Procurement, Product Development, Info & ID Systems, Process & Procedures, Promotions, Sales, Prospecting, or Accounts.

Without every single one of you – we’re not in a position to produce the finished article.

The Pandemic and many challenges Masonhouse has faced over the last 12 months has made the Directors re-evaluate all aspects of our company – none more so than our Ethos & Culture. High on the agenda going forward is to ensure: - Recognising, Valuing, Engaging and Respecting the role played by each individual member of the Masonhouse Team – is built into our DNA.

We thought it may interest you to see a montage of Callerton kitchens created by us. You’ve every right to feel proud – amazing what we the ‘Masonhouse Manufacturing Team’ are capable of. You might like to share this with family and friends - as you’ll see we do something very special.

Well Done and Enjoy

The Masonhouse Management Team


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