To All Masonhouse Colleagues

Our previous briefing titled ‘Sales & Marketing or Marketing & Sales’ clearly identified: - Marketing encompasses all areas and aspects of our business - and involves all Masonhouse Manufacturing colleagues.

Identifying Promotions and Promotional Tools in their own right is a new approach for our organisation. We’ve introduced this change to emphasise the fact, as explained in a prior briefing: -

Promotions are an important aspect of Marketing – but Marketing is much more than Promotions.

This week’s audio visual briefing aims to identify and set out the various Promotional Tools incorporated into our plans for the new financial year (2021-22). These are designed to ensure Callerton’s Marketing Strategy and Sales Targets are achieved. Our audio visual briefing encompasses a brief insight to each of these.

Sit back and enjoy a demonstration of what Masonhouse Manufacturing’s Promotions are all about.


The Pre-Production Team