To All Masonhouse Colleagues

At the forefront of every single member of the Masonhouse Manufacturing Team must be the importance ‘Quality & Service’ play in ensuring we’re a ‘Sustainable & Resilient’ entity and here for the long-term benefit of all.

This week’s briefing highlights and emphasises the critical nature of ensuring ‘Quality & Service’ are at the very heart of our operation. Also the announcement of a new initiative to recognise and reward those members of the Team who go the extra mile in ensuring Masonhouse Manufacturing supply a ‘Customer Service 2nd to None’.

As furniture manufacturer’s our remit is very simple and requires to revolve around 3 things – achieve these and we guarantee our future: - Quality Product, 100% Complete and Too Timescale’. Tie this in with the previous statement and we ensure our long-term viability and in a position to provide jobs and reward the Masonhouse Manufacturing Team.

Please engage with how each and everyone one of us has our part to play.


The Masonhouse Management Team