To All Masonhouse Colleagues

The last twelve months have proved to be some of the most testing in Masonhouse Manufacturing’s history. Losing £750,000 (Three Quarters of a Million pounds) of projected business in the 1st quarter of the financial year (2021-2022) - due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and National Lockdown was an extremely bitter pill to swallow.

Having to adhere to ever changing Government rules, regulations and legislation. Supply chains being in disarray and in many cases still not back to normal. The Scottish Governments decision to ban tradespeople from working in people’s houses during this latest Lockdown - has had major repercussions on our business. It’s important everyone understands the reality and challenges this last year has wrought on Masonhouse Manufacturing.

We recognise it has not been easy for any of us – personally or professionally. But we’ve confidence and faith in our future: - Hence why so much time, effort and resource has been expended on developing our 5 Year Business Plan & Strategy. This relates to ensuring Masonhouse Manufacturing becomes an ever more Professional, Progressive, Sustainable and Resilient entity - ensuring the livelihoods and welfare of all Masonhouse Colleagues.

This week’s Audio Visual Briefing A ‘SMART’ Ethos & Culture aims to provide an insight to important aspects of our future direction - and how this can advance your career. We very much welcome your thoughts, input and response – our aim is to benefit all those willing to truly engage with our enterprise and for the good of all involved.


The Masonhouse Management Team