Finance & Accounts

To All Our Masonhouse Colleagues

A likely reaction to the title of this week’s Audio Visual Briefing ‘Finance & Accounts’ may well be: -

What involvement do I have with ‘Finance & Accounts’ and why and where does this impact on me? It’s important everyone respects and engages with the role ‘Finance & Accounts’ play in ensuring the welfare of our business.

At the very least it’s worth taking on board they’re the ones who ensure our ‘Wages’ are paid!

The simple message behind this week’s ‘Audio Visual Briefing’ relates to each and every one of us fulfilling the role ascribed to our ‘Job Description’ and ensuring we follow ‘Procedure, Process and Systems’ as well as all ‘Information & Data’ you’re involved and engaged with - is accurate and supplied in a timely manner.

None of which is ‘Rocket Science’ and greatly benefits the smooth running of the business. Next time you think of cutting a corner – take into account the impact this may have further down the line on your fellow colleagues.


The Masonhouse Management Team